Wednesday, October 25, 2006

upstairs hallway
in the bathroom space for washer/dryer
upstairs bathroom
a bedroom upstairs
view of upstairs hallway-first door on left, bathroom. open door, bedroom one-closed door, bdrm two on the left is the porch

finally!! pictures of the new house!!!

our staircase-painting underneath not completely finished
one part of kitchen-fridge goes in hole
our entrance and funky rounds steps-notice the pretty spotlights in back
our front door
pic from downstairs bathroom-hasn't been cleaned yet

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

bubby pix

With Bubby at the airport
With great bubby at the park

Day at the park in Baltimore

"vroom vroom"

Best friends
Swinging is FUN!
This is cuz I don't get to fly on planes often enough...


Baltimore pix

On the airplane to BALL-DI-MORE
Me and my great bubby
My great grandparents (one set)
Family pic at the aquarium
Me and my great zaidy

At the science center

Hey! I'm a fireman!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I had cheese curls for breakfast! (It's not my mommy's fault- I got them when I saw her turn around, and she couldn't take them away after.)

more apple picking

Here I am, picking my very own apple...Bet you didn't get to pick apples when you were 9 months you're mommy picked them FOR you!
Here it is!! My baby!
gorgeous scenery
another pic of the fam...

Trip #2: Apple picking

Daddy got a nice one!
My great grandma bubbe shlepped me around...

Next stop: Rainforest

Yay!! This is FUNNNN!
Family picture outside the rainforest
A nice pic of the 'rents

Chol Hamoed trip #1- the zoo

Yay! We got to ride on the zoo tram!
On the playground at the zoo...I got to go on a BIG slide!
I also got to walk behind this big guy until he needed to get his "diaper changed", then mommy made me leave.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Guess where I am going tomorrow night?? On a BIIIIG airplane to AMERICA!!!!
Blogging may be a little slow, cuz I might be jet lagged and all that...
But keep checking up on me!