Thursday, March 30, 2006

with my daddy!!! yikesssss

this is on erev shabbos my mommy thought i looked very cute so she put pictures of her beautiful little boy up.


hi everyone!!its been awhile but ive been very very busy.i went to visit my great grandparents in columbus!!!and guess what!!i got even more clothes :)mommy calls me spoiled but i think i deserve it.anyway i got to meet lots of new people and get to watch lots of tv.and i was very bad at night but mommy is back to herself at about 11:00.k its time for me to finish my convo with my toys.byeeee

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

me and chessy!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

hi everyone.lately my mommy and daddy have become shopaholics and have started shlepping me along.i mean,dont they KNOW i hate shopping?so after a whole tiring day of shopping we go back in the car and of course i fall asleep-wouldn't you?but then the chutzpa of it all,they wake me up and when i start crying my mommy just feeds me cuz she assumes im hungry.but of course im just cranky cuz i wana stay fact im crying right now.anyway my mom and dad and uncles went to the library and brought me home a dvd.i loveeee staring at it but i dont have the longest attention span yet.we're still working on that.but one thing i absolutely hate is tummy time.i refuse to like that.and im stubborn so i dont care.i will continue to scream and cry every time anyone puts me to play on my tummy.anyway i gotta go eat. im starving again.its been 2 hours!!!

so anyway my great grandma bubbe is holding me here with great grandpa.we're going to their house on sunday i cant wait!!
and here is my mommy my bubby and my great grandma mommy looks like she's busy looking at something else.
and finally!! me in my new pack and play that the greats bought me!!!i know im pretty darn spoiled and i think i like it...

Friday, March 17, 2006

today we went shopping.i hate shopping,so i cry the whole time.but even though im crying i get stopped every other second cuz people think im pretty cute.yesterday great grandma bubbe and great grandpa came to visit with was so much my mommy has lots of magazines to read.
me and tamika!!tamika takes care of me when my mommy and daddy are too busy to hold me.i also have another new friend zenetta but i miss my old friend menachem ;(...but we'll be back soon!!
im a very tired still hibernating basically
me with my uncle yeri who is a 70's dude...

me and my uncle moishe who loves to hold me
i had the best time ever at deenas wedding...ruthie got to babysit me again and i loved the i was the onlly guy dancing on the ladies side!!lucky me!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

im chewing on my hand!!!
im a happy little guy!!!
mommy just doesnt get the hint...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

my daddy is the best daddy in the whole world. he is very tired right now. i spat up all over his clean jumper - 3 times!!!! and i have decided to use english words, not american. just in case you were wondering. i just had my biggest meal ever - my daddy called it "achila gasa". is that english or american?

Monday, March 06, 2006

i was sooo good in tipat chalav today!i got my shot today and i only cried a little very big 11 1/2 lbs!!!noone believes that im only 2 months old.faige came to help clean for pesach today and she cleaned out our fridge.anyway i gotta go finish chewing on my hand.byeeee

Sunday, March 05, 2006

tomorrow i get alot of my baby and my mommy are very scared.we dont like im being very kvetchy tonight cuz im very nervous.but i had a very exciting day today.i had my first real nap.i didnt like it too much.but my mommy thinks ill get used to mommy is trying to bake cookies now but i want her to hold me even though im perfectly my mommy is holding me and helping me write my blog.we are very excited that were going on an airplane soon!!anyway wait til you all see me dressed up for purim!iv'e got a pretty snazzy costume.k i gtg eat again.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

i love my changing table!!!its my favorite place to pee!! especially once my mommy puts me into my pj's or my clothes.the bath is also another fun not very fond of diapers.
shluff time!!!

i am a very happy little guy when my mommy puts me into my pj's.i know thats when its play time and i get to have all my attention favorite hours are from 11-4 am.

check out my big blue eyes!!! i know im gorgeous!
my mommy just wants everyone to know that she is very VERY tired
this is what our buba does after he comes out all clean from the bath.
This is tm with a beard in his is the king of baths.therefore it is only appropriate that he has a beard.