Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Today mommy and daddy took me to the zoo

i was very interested in all the plants. i also liked the monkeys and the huge fish.

pooped out after a long, hot day

don't you just wanna kiss me?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

more park pix

resting with my mommy

my mommy and some uncles

my static hair as I went down the slide :)

Friday at the huge,cool park

look at me up on the dinosaur!

see Menachem? I get to go on a motorcycle too!!
climbing this weird thing in this really cool park

mommy cant brighten the pictures here in cleveland cuz we don't have the right program on the computer...sorry

Uncle Akiva was soooo nice to me and played with me and ran around with me. He's my favorite now!

I'm just cute.

Chagrin Falls on a very hot day

It was so hot out so Mommy and Daddy went to Ben and Jerry's and shared some of the good stuff with me.And to all the concerned grandparents- I was wearing plenty of sunscreen!

Mommy had to hold me cuz I wanted to jump in there with the geese

"WOOOOW"look how close up we got to the falls!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I love my new tree swing!!


some more pix of me with GGB

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

more columbus pix

more tubby time
finally someone caught me on camera sort of smiling


playing with my new ipod that GGB's friend Madeline bought me-thank you!

on my great grandpa's lap

With my great grandparents in Columbus

they bought me a cool guitar that I "rock" with
I'm kinda scared to get down on the floor cuz Mickey is the dog and I dont think I like dogs
on the kitchen table at breakfast in my new apron

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My first haircut

Mommy and Bubby took me to this lady who made me feel all cool riding around on a swivel chair. Suddenly she starts spraying my head with water. I did not like that. Nope. So I started crying. Then she took out the scissors and started CUTTING my hair!!! Can you imagine that? My HAIR!!! and I didn't want to hold still for very long and I was screaming my head off. They still didn't get the message "LEAVE ME ALONE". well eventually, the lady was finished and mommy held me and I thought all was done, but the lady just wanted to finish it off with the buzzer to make sure it was straight but I just didnt' let. So, it's a little "off" in the back but only if you look closely. I look like the most handsome kid now though. I look like the little boy in the magazine that I like. Mommy thinks I look like a model. My hair is a little messed up in the picture but we'll put up some more so you can see for yourself how cute I look.

noone can find me under here...


Sunday, April 08, 2007

trying to get myself sent off with the the plane!! (at least we sorta know what i weigh now!)
....and pesach in cleveland. yes for real. and its a whole lot worse now. my bubby is gonna take me out on a sled so i can play in this snow!
view from the screen in the kitchen out to the backyard and deck...notice the table with 17 inches piled high, and we see its even higher now!!!

Erev Pesach pix

with grandpa and auntie katherine
family pictureme and my grandpa

mommy and daddys day out-ON THEIR OWN!!

In covent garden
at the lion king

Some more pix from London...

My great grandma Lola took me to a farm park...

pooped out after a long day