Tuesday, March 27, 2012

chessington theme park

 our first ride, yehuda is soo excited!
 ayala decided to wait this one out
 someone threw a tantrum every time it was time to get off the rides
 full blown tantruming
 waiting on line for a roller coaster- WE LOVE RIDES!!
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

 how cute are we?
 ayala doing her 'pose'
 much too bright out (but we're not complaining!!)
 our soldier wasn't feeling great so thats all the pictures we've got. ps-yehuda HATED the tights but adored the headband :)
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 mommy loves finding surprise pictures on the camera
 whoever took this one did a good job!
 this is what our sick little guy looked like all last week :( bright cheeks,lips and eyes
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happBEE purim!

 we now know what the music is that comes down our street!
 free refills on the soda
 glow glasses
 yehuda digging into whatever he can get his hands into
 at ayalas purim party in school
 our mishloach manos
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