Thursday, October 30, 2008

after shabbos we went to get ice cream

this is good stuff mom
dont i look cute?
i fell asleep after a loong time on the chair

Friday, October 24, 2008

i like this kind of horsie better

we went to the botanical gardens and we didnt like the pony one bit...

i got some tzitzis! when i poop in the morning i get to put them on and make a bracha

finally lots of pictures!

so we'll tell you whats going on... these pictures start fromk the bottom up, so read that way.

posing for mommy as usual
i woke up just in time to go on the train!
then we went to the botanical gardens, and i was pooped and slept in the stroller
isn't yemin moshe pretty?all the streets look like this!
here's mommy and i at the windmill, which i pointed out was like in thomas
and did a few compulsory "cheese's"
and then another day we went to a beautiful park where i sat contemplating life...
this was one favorite spot of ours. we loved looking down 4 stories!! (that's just to freak out my grandparents)

she couldn't believe that she couldn't stuff two balls in her mouth!
we went to this AWESOME place, where dalli and i wore ourselves out playing.
here we are all dressed up for sukkos, in the new apartment that we were staying at.