Monday, July 18, 2011

tm's second chumash party

tm is up all the way on top left

with grandma and grandpa

blurry bad photo but its a family one either way
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LOVING the sprinkler at easton on a hot, hot day!

i loved micki by the time we left.micki was more or less traumatized (mommy thinks more)

the gorgeous blanket deb did for us

saying adios to special bubbe and special grandpa-thanks for a great time!

4 generations
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more america!!

erev shabbos with uncle mo

and uncle hirsh (ps, i can say your name now!)

hanging out with special bubbe in columbus,OH!


petting micki

reading books with mike-we were buddies

can you see the GORGEOUS blanket deb made?

easton with special bubbe
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Thursday, July 07, 2011

saying bye bye to uncle hirsh and yeri until shabbos

hanging out in kinneret in cleveland with three of my uncles!

I loved biting into corn on the cob and chewing the pieces before spitting them out!

look at the pretty mama swan and her babies!


watching the ducks with total fascination

bubby was teaching me how to put sand and water in my buckets

the lake was gorgeous!

here i am in the paddling pool with benny

Sunday, July 03, 2011

tm wants everyone to see this picture and know that he climbed all the way up to the top of the ships mast

yehuda actually drank a cup of sand and laughed about it right after

thanks for the matching t-shirts bubby! happy july 4th weekend everyone!

tm's kippa flew off and landed on the tube tracks so we couldnt get it, so he got a baseball cap, and ayala got some funky shades

more craziness on the way back included jumping from the "monkey bars" and break dancing

she joined in too. mommy says NEVER AGAIN.
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on the way to kensington gardens

check out yehuda :)

i was feeling jealous that i didnt have any sunglasses so i borrowed mommies for a little bit

so tzvi meir thinks that the TUBE is actually a playground. he was doing gymnastics the whole time :/
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cousins time

gavi likes when do this fast with him

mommy thinks gavi's daddy got him dressed that morning

we hang out a lot

im just silly
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