Tuesday, July 31, 2007

start from bottom again, friday.

with my mommy
we had dates falling on us :)
I love my daddy
erev shabbos pictures, after my bath
Look how cool i am. I even can jump in by myself!
i got pretty confident swimming by MYSELF.
do you ever fall asleep reading? I do.
i get going much quicker this way...and i know how to say car now

trying to fix my new car

Monday, July 30, 2007

pictures start from bottom up...

mommy and daddy standing in front of the water, but you can't tell cuz it's too dark (and was way past my bedtime!!)

all i wanted to eat was pickles. mommy wasn't very happy about that.
and we both discovered the joy of rock throwing, even though our parents didn't let.
we had a BBQ on the kinneret.
then we met up with guch. (that's what i call menachem, if you're wondering)

the little baby sleeping on its mommy
they didn't really like our apple chips. then i got a chance to feed him, but no picture :(
then mommy fed the monkeys in the monkey forest.

this is the view from our tzimmer.
in the beginning daddy had to hold me, cuz i was too scared to walk by myself, but i got over that soon enough!
and all the pretty peacocks
so the next day we went to the monkey forest, and saw lots of other animals running around. i liked the goats that were jumping onto the tables.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

our first day of vacation

i got to go on a pony ride!! here i am, "making nice"

mommy walked with me, so that i wouldn't try any sudden moves
i wanted "more"
then after we ate supper we hung out by the water for a little bit, and i was desperate to find a way in.
as soon as we got there, mommy had us all make a run for the pool.
when i jump in, daddy catches me!
then i got to jump on the trampoline. mommy's favorite.
pooped out after a long day...stay tuned for more pictures later on!

and thanks grandma and grandpa for sponsoring such a great trip!!!!!we had the best time EVER!

Monday, July 23, 2007

I was trying out my old infant seat, but i'm kinda long for it, no?
that doesnt stop me from PRETENDING to be a baby though!
i like to say "cheese" when i smile
trying a little bit too hard :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

i went to my friends house today

I went to Tzion's house today! So, first we had to try out each other's juice. To make sure we're getting the same kinda stuff...

then I asked tzion to show me how to use this spray bottle

and he showed me that when you point it at your face, and press the thing, it makes water go all over you. It's a great toy.

then we had to do some chasing.

all little kids love chasing each other!! thanks tzion for letting me play with all your toys and stuff!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

some silly pictures of me dancing on the table

first I cleared off the table of all the junk. You know, the tablecloth,bills and those kinds of things.
then i started singing and dancing along with it
doin some moves
i say CHEESE when i smile and i usually look like this.

this is after holding my smile for too long. guess what else? i know how to say pooh and eeyore now! they are on my diaper and i like pointing to it and saying "pooh". sometimes people get the wrong idea though...