Thursday, January 12, 2012

tzvi meir would like to say

grandma loelia for the birthday money
auntie sharon for the birthday money
grandma and grandpa for the playmobil set
auntie katherine and uncle leo for the cool lego set
auntie leora and uncle samuel for the crayola book set and the dr. seuss book
bubby and grandpa ron for candyland
special bubbe and speical grandpa for the birthday money
he loved all of his presents!!
we put most of his birthday money into his account and gave him some money to buy himself something in toys r us,and surprisingly he got another playmobil set!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

last night of chanuka

 ayala lighting her clics menorah that tm built for her

all lit up!
 yehudas box.

 chanukah wonderland
 tm icing and 'jamming' his donut
 makingn latkes

 then we went for pizza after and played with the cool touch screens that they have at all the booths

 happy birthday to our big 6 year old!!