Sunday, July 29, 2007

our first day of vacation

i got to go on a pony ride!! here i am, "making nice"

mommy walked with me, so that i wouldn't try any sudden moves
i wanted "more"
then after we ate supper we hung out by the water for a little bit, and i was desperate to find a way in.
as soon as we got there, mommy had us all make a run for the pool.
when i jump in, daddy catches me!
then i got to jump on the trampoline. mommy's favorite.
pooped out after a long day...stay tuned for more pictures later on!

and thanks grandma and grandpa for sponsoring such a great trip!!!!!we had the best time EVER!


iNViSiblE43 said...

sooo kewl!! u guys luk like u hadda gr8 time!! lux really nice there... glad u njoyed urself.. now bak to real life..huh? tty

Rechovotgirl said...

Wow! Looks like you had a great time!

Mom and Dad said...

How was the pony ride? did you get scared or was it just a lot of fun?

Tzvi Meir said...

LOTS of fun. i didnt want to get off!!