Monday, July 30, 2007

pictures start from bottom up...

mommy and daddy standing in front of the water, but you can't tell cuz it's too dark (and was way past my bedtime!!)

all i wanted to eat was pickles. mommy wasn't very happy about that.
and we both discovered the joy of rock throwing, even though our parents didn't let.
we had a BBQ on the kinneret.
then we met up with guch. (that's what i call menachem, if you're wondering)

the little baby sleeping on its mommy
they didn't really like our apple chips. then i got a chance to feed him, but no picture :(
then mommy fed the monkeys in the monkey forest.

this is the view from our tzimmer.
in the beginning daddy had to hold me, cuz i was too scared to walk by myself, but i got over that soon enough!
and all the pretty peacocks
so the next day we went to the monkey forest, and saw lots of other animals running around. i liked the goats that were jumping onto the tables.

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Mom and Dad said...

You sure had a busy time. I bet it was A LOT of fun!