Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mommy went into the bathroom, and was about to lock the door, when she found my keys in the lock. They look better, don't you think?
Before my big haircut.Everyone was making a big fuss over me.I wouldn't wear the apron though.
doesn't this look better now?
it's time to chill and relax with whatever daddy left over for me in that bottle
offering some to mommy.I'm a generous guy.


eem said...

Wow, you look like a cool dude now TM!

iNViSiblE43 said...

lol.. um ya thats a REAL mushroom!! but itll grow out. and he lux kidna cute.. if he was dark hed kinda luk like a spic- but hes blond so no mix ups there! i guess he wudda taken my side wen i said i wudda gone to the beer tasting thing... he seems to like it also! tty

Calvin and Hobbes said...

Hey dude!! You look so cute with your hair cut!! We'll have to see if ur girl likes it when I get back.

Mom and Dad said...

such a big boy you are!!!! Jack has yet to have his first hair cut!