Friday, October 26, 2007

the flowers from dalas kiddush
me and uncle-check out my cool thomas pj's!!
we miss you grandma and grandpa.looking forward to seeing you in december (bubby too!!)
mommys cousin chana bought me this adorable outfit.i like it- can't u tell?
i love punching and kicking
for those of you who like action shots
thank you bubby for the adorable dress (and all the other stuff) mommy had to put it on me right away to see how adorable i looked in it, and the leggings rock!


jack & annabelle said...

aren't you the cutest thing in your hip denim outfit? Very cute!
Jack and Annabelle's Mommy

Rechovotgirl said...

Adorable! Very cute!!!

Calvin and Hobbes said...

I'm commenting :)
They're both so cute!!! It was so much fun to see you guys today! :)