Tuesday, November 13, 2007

fun fun fun

today i went to the mischakiya with menachem and his mommy and mimi
i was flying down the big inflatable slide so fast! when mommy said it was time to go i was pretty upset, and as she was getting our stuff together, i tried escaping. unfortunately she caught me back at the slide before i even had another chance to go down. :(
on our way out we all had to hold hands. we HAD to

i was having a grand time in the balls

especially throwing them all out!


iNViSiblE43 said...

hey i nou like comments- but hello ur kid is sucha tush head!!! hes huge and so yummy! hes forsure a terror- i mean he always was a terror but hes lukin alot more lively these days!! luv the pic keepem comin!!!!!!!

jack & annabelle said...

the 3 of you holding hands is precious!!!!
Jack and Abelle's Mommy