Sunday, January 27, 2008

we're best friends!mommy put us in matching clothes today
playing on my new bed
this is how tzviki climbs out of his new bed
this is how i turn myself over. im a pro now!
i love playing with my little toes
and my hands
i learned a new trick the other day...i can hold my own bottle!


jack & annabelle said...

I started to sleep in a big boy bed now 2!!! Aren't we the big kids now? some day we have to all meet and play.

Rechovotgirl said...

Cute pix! What a nice new bed you have!

Katherine said...

how are my lovely niece and nephew? they look even more gorgeous than when i last saw them!! looks like i will be back to israel in march to see them (if you are around then)

kat xx