Friday, February 22, 2008

good shabbos!

check me out in my new cool BEIS sweatshirt from uncle!!
look at dalli all gorgeous in her shabbos dress.we took the picture special for you GGB so you see how pretty she looks in the dress that you bought her!

dalli is trying to put her arm around me. i dont like this one bit.
this is dalli in her beis sweatshirt
amusing myself on the snow day earlier this week

im acting like a baby in dalli's stroller


jack & annabelle said...

You are getting snow and we are having 60 degree days!

Menachem & Mimi said...

lol tzviki, I feel like it was yesterday when you were in that car seat!
love the "other mommy"

Rechovotgirl said...

Cute sweatshirts! Dali really does look gorgeous in that Shabbos dress!