Wednesday, March 05, 2008

it was HOT here today, in the high 70's and supposed to be 80 over the weekend!
so we spent the afternoon at the park and then we got too hot so we went home.
I am "helping" ayala play with the toy the right way. she was shocked to learn that its not a teething toy.
i am very protective of my sister
showing her to look up and smile at the camera

look at ayala play the piano!


Rechovotgirl said...

You guys are really cute together!

Katherine said...

oh no! i have just seen how big ayala's feet are...i bought her these cute little shoes today but they are 0-6 months and having had a look i think they are going to be too small. make sure she doesnt get too much bigger before i get there so we can squeeze them onto her feet for a picture!! she is sooooooo cute!