Tuesday, December 09, 2008

im always running to find things that are strange and different to do...
if you click on this picture you can see me making a funny face at mommy
next to the kids playground, there was an adult playground with exercise machines...i thought mommy was so funny!
playing with my new friends
and dalli loves going down the slides...the bigger the better!
i was kind of scared of the hammock but wanted to go in after mommy was in there!
family photo at the cows. we saw them being milked, and were even allowed to go help,but i was too scared. i encouraged mommy to go in, but it was very dirty and muddy and mommy said she'll only go if i go :(
and we saw the bulls, pretty close up
on the kibbutz. isn't it pretty?
ayala loved running up and down the "bridge" at the hotel
and jumping on my bed. it was low enough for her to climb up and down on her own!
isn't my sister gorgeous?

i'm pretty good lookin' myself!
and of course i had to be naughty. we were playing out on the porch in the morning while mommy was cleaning up our room and i jumped down (a big jump) over the porch to go check out the view! and then i saw some cows down there, so i was pretty much refusing to come back in. it took a lot of work on mommys part to get me back! check out the mountains in the background.


Ruti Puti said...

cute pics!
whats my cousin doing in them tho? lol she's the little girl at the very right of one of the pics

raizel said...

they were there too!

Katherine said...

wow looks like you had an amazing time! the place looks lovely im so excited to be there for pesach. i know i say this all the time but the kids look so grown up!