Thursday, March 12, 2009

lotsa pictures here!!

yair stopped by to visit, and needed a jacket, so i lent him my sweatshirt. he didn't mind the pink at all. he's very secure in his manhood.
icko was really being nice to me and letting me hang with him
and even did a puzzle with me!
some of the crowd...which later multiplied by many many more...
with uncle sam the pirate
i did NOT like the head of that bear. mommy made him take it off and she hid it behind the couch.
me and my mommy playing

tzviki didn't wanna get left out of the drinking so he got some grape juice in his cup
group shot
take 2


Katherine said...

raizel im disappointed you didnt dress up. but very nice pics nonetheless. leora didnt join you?

tzvi meir and ayala said...

i was too busy taking care of everyone elses costumes to work on my own. leora did come, sam has some pix with her.

jack and annabelle said...

WOW- what fun photos! The kids had fun looking at them all :)

jack and annabelle said...

p.s. will you email me when Ashira goes into the hospital?

tzvi meir and ayala said...

of course, no problem!