Sunday, June 28, 2009

my graduation

i was SO proud to have my mommy come watch me at my graduation

i got to sit next to rivka :) she is so funny
at the beginning i was going full force and then i started getting very tired. turns out i had a fever!

these are all my friends (or "peoples" as i say)
3 more weeks and then i'm on vacation!


Mrs. Krak said...

that sure was one fun (and very hot & Long) Graduation!!
We will all miss gan Rivka

Katherine said...

how come they are all wearing white shirts and TM is in a t-shirt? stunning pic of ayala above!!

jack and annabelle said...

You big kid you!!!!!!! Love the photos of the "big day" you are growing up WAY TOO FAST! and one day we will see you in person to play with!

tzvi meir and ayala said...

katherine noone believes me but i spoke to his teacher in the morning and asked if i need to send him in a white shirt and she said no. so i guess its an unspoken israeli rule to always send to mesibot in white shirts!!

Katherine said...

Oh no, thats hilarious! It doesn't look like he noticed though...he just looks like the rebel kid, he is super cool!!