Sunday, August 16, 2009

the london aquarium and the river thames

this is our mommy and daddy

tzvi meir was cranky because he wanted to go onto a boat

we saw lots of street performers

mommy was kind of weirded out by this

this was another attraction. ayala looked up at the lady in her face to see if she was real.

then she ran around to chase birdies

auntie katherine was so nice to us and took us to the aquarium

and i got to pet a starfish!!

ayala preferred to splash the water and leave the starfish alone.
thanks katherine for such a great day! we had fun spending time with you.


Katherine said...

I had fun too! We might actually come to Mum and Dad for dinner tomorrow night, depending on how Leo is feeling. Will you be around? Maybe we can get take-out or something. What time are the kids awake until, cos Leo wants to say goodbye!

tzvi meir and ayala said...

we're going out w/ grandma an dben tom. bout wed night?

Katherine said...

Can't do Wednesday night cos I'm meeting a friend for dinner. It probably doesn't matter anyway because Leo is really not feeling well so I think he needs to rest up. I guess he will see the kids in January...! What time is your flight on Thursday?