Thursday, November 26, 2009

since i was home for day number 3, mommy decided she is going to put me to work. i was happy to clean her walls for her!
yesterday i helped out by cleaning all the windows and glass with wipes while mommy slept. im being a pretty productive housewife!
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Katb said...

he looks a bit better there, that's good!! glad you are putting him to good use!

JSB9155 said...


It starts with cleaning the walls and windows today and ends up with you chained to the stove and kitchen sink! Make sure Daddy gives you things to do in your spare time.

tzvi meir and ayala said...

well actually he begs to do the dishes and it is the biggest treat to get to help cook or bake! so he will be well trained and will have a wife who will be very lucky to have him one day!
daddy gives him dvd's...
i think this way is best!