Monday, December 19, 2011

a long birthday post!

remember this?

yehuda opening his present from granpa and grandma

he loves his fireman sam laptop! thank you!

baking chanuka cookies

tm and ayala were really good at it!

staying up past his bedtime to play on his computer. he was high on tylenol.

hugging his big enormous mommy

he loved his card grandma and grandpa!

and thank you for this card and the money auntie sharon!

and grandma lola he was pretty stoked with his big bill and card!! we are going to open a bank account for him today :) thank you!

bubby and granpa ron, you hit the nail on the head with this present!

opening his school bus from mommy and daddy

hugging his beloved elmo

tm and ayala sneaking off with his new toys.
special bubbe and special grandpa thank you for the money! we will add it to his bank account. he had a great time with all his cards and presents!
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